What is the Building Grit Give Back Program?

The Building Grit Give Back Program is your opportunity to give back to First Responders as well as to help someone with undiagnosed PTSD get the support they may not even know exists.

So what are we working for?

  • We want to get this book in as many first responders' and people suffering from undiagnosed PTSD hands' as possible
  • We want to connect as many first responders with the support they need as possible to prevent more good men from losing their jobs just because they need some support
  • We want to pay for the deductibles of fire fighters and first responders who are paying out of pocket for trauma caused by their work
  • We want PTSD to be seen as a workers comp issue in America so all first responders can truly get the help they need and first responders ((again)) should not have to pay for treatment caused by work
  • Ultimately we want to increase the mental health of first responders and those suffering from PTSD while decreasing the suicide rates, alcohol and drug dependencies, and everything else that comes with wide spread PTSD

Ready to give back to the ones who work to keep us safe?

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Building Grit was founded by Nick Wingo to help combat the PTSD and suicide rate in firefighters and first responders. Nick Wingo and Building Grit aim to provide those both diagnosed and undiagnosed with the resources and support that they need in order to fight the fires of PTSD.

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